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About Clannets Educations for International Studies in UK

About Us

Helps in Admissions Abroad to make your dream education a Reality.

One Stop Solution for all your International Study

We are a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing students’ higher education dreams in the UK. We have been operating since 2010 devoted to the cause of creating a sustainable career prospect for aspiring individuals. From being the conduit to realising a student’s dream toward finding the dream course or university to securing their dream job in the UK, we are more proud than glad to be a part of their beautiful journeys, each of which are different yet unique in its own way. It was here that we saw amazing prospects not being given the right information, advice and guidance, and often finding themselves in unfavourable conditions with respect to their education or careers.

  • Free Expert Service
  • Helps in identifying course and university
  • Admission guidance
  • Providing accommodation
  • Part Time job and placement

Our Objective

We are now combining our experience and a friendly online space where students can quickly and easily find their desired courses, talk to our student mentors or student ambassadors from their chosen universities to confidently own their decision to come to the UK. Moreover, it is our promise to stand by the student once they reach the UK, starting from accommodation support, airport transfers or even finding a part-time job. In short, we want to make a change, serve as a positive reinforcement for the student’s time in the UK and propel their careers forward.

Who we are

Our team of Clannets enhances students’ education dreams in the UK to reality. Our core activity is assisting students to make the right choice with regards to pursuing education in the UK and make a promise to help them to propel their career forward.

Our Vision

We always strive to be of exquisite value to our clients and make a difference in their lives.

Our Goal

Clannets offers unbiased, comprehensive, ethical and quality professional help for your dream career to be successful. We improve the lives of the students while preparing them to be globally successful citizens.

You’re In good Hands

Choose your best Destination to Study


The UK has retained its position as a popular destination among international students for providing quality education.

The Application process is daunting for students about the trust, picking the right university, accommodation,traveling. Our professional and experienced advisers help from the tentative enquiry, application process and right up to their arrival and throughout their life at their university. Also helps as an intermediate for finding part time jobs and placement.

We have realized there is no single plan of action that perfectly caters for every applying candidate. So we deliver you a customized plan according to the course you want to pursue and university you are looking forward to.

“Clannets helped me secure my admission at the BPP University , London to do my masters in healthcare leadership and management. I have progressed to working in a management role at a prestigious care home at south London. I am very thankful for their guidance and support through every step of the way.”

Duratha Canaj

“I have always been fascinated by latest innovations in robotics and home automation and secured several accolades within the field. However it was Clannets who helped me get into the University of hertfordshire to do an MSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. This has been an absolute game changer and combined with my coding experience I am sure that it will make my future.”


My experience with Clannets has been nothing but fruitful. They helped me migrate to the UK with such ease and precision. They guided me at every step, right from the start till the very end, with my admission for a postgraduate degree. I have wanted to expand my horizon with respect to my career, after gaining a good amount of knowledge in the Finance field. Thus, with Clannet’s advise, I chose an MSc in Business Analytics at the University of Westminster. I am extremely happy with their service and recommend them to all aspiring students who are looking to come to the UK for higher education.


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Working Hours

Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm.

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